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Other Driver Training Offers
Driver training is not just about teaching “new”, or “learner” drivers, it also covers the development of “experienced” drivers and those wishing to increase their confidence, or skill levels in order to benefit from reduced insurance premiums, reduced vehicle running costs and reduced road risk, (especially for high mileage or “professional” drivers. Listed below are some of the additional courses that I offer: 

  • Confidence Booster – aimed at those who feel insecure in their driving, possibly following an accident, or who are now driving after a long break from using the car. It may also apply when drivers start to use roads, or conditions that they are not comfortable with, e.g. Motorways, Dual Carriageways or night driving. The training will boost confidence whilst introducing the driver to basic advanced driver techniques.
  • Advanced Driver Training – These sessions will develop the driver’s existing skills and enable them to achieve a standard that will allow the driver to prepare much earlier for developing hazards and adopt an appropriate response which will help them to keep themselves, their passengers and other road users safe. The additional benefits will include fuel savings of up to 20% per year, less wear and tear on the vehicle and a smoother, stress free driving style, which will often be envied by family, friends and colleagues alike.
  • Business or “Fleet” Driver Training – intended for the “Professional” driver whose role involves driving for the business. Around 33% of all accidents in the UK, involve employees driving for work. Current Health & Safety regulations require employers to carry out risk assessments for their drivers and take reasonable care to minimise that risk, (as well as the risk that they pose to other road users). Failure to do so could lead to the employer being imprisoned and the business being fined up to 10% of its annual turnover!

    The training will include an assessment of a driver’s risk. Advice and actual help with the implementation of an on-going business/driver record scheme and actual on-road training which will help to protect the driver, (and the business), from road risks. Additional benefits to the driver (and business), are reduced insurance premiums, reduced running costs, (wear & tear + fuel savings of up to 20%), and less likelihood of the driver being involved in a serious incident on the road.

Training Vehicle
As a general rule, training will take place in the driver’s own car. This gives the driver the advantage of “knowing” the vehicle and its traits and feeling more comfortable with this. If required however, my car can be used, though there will be an additional cost to cover fuel and wear & tear.

Course Prices
Pricing for these courses will be based on the specific requirements and scope of the training being provided. The cost will be specific to the individual’s, (or Organisation’s) needs and the timespan will also reflect the client’s requirements. If you should have any queries, please contact me via the “Contact Me” link, or via my mobile phone and I will be happy to clarify things.

FREE home visit

To help you decide which course would best suit you I can potentially provide a free, no obligation, home visit. At this meeting I will be happy to explain to you and any other family members how the LD System works and what each course provides. If this would be of interest, please give me a call or leave a message.

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